Meet our Pets

Tarzeen  is our youngest alpaca. He was born in 2014 & is very friendly & will let you stroke him. His fleece is the softest of all our alpacas. Tarzeen is very gentle and the friendliest of them all. He sometimes also talks to you.

Jackson is an orphan. He was born in 2013. He is friends with Jigsaw & Tarzeen. He is very shy and a bit more nervous than the others but he is a beautiful alpaca with a gentle nature.

Compact was born in January 2010. He is a very gentle boy & likes to follow us around the paddock. He is the protector for the herd & warns them if there is any danger around them. He likes to be stroked on the neck and the sides of his back.

Shiraz was also born in January 2010. He is very greedy because he always gets pushed away by the others at feeding time. He is very gentle & friendly but a big softy with the others.

Taro was born in November 2009. He is the leader & boss. He doesn’t like to be stroked because he thinks he is too important for that. He is a big softy really & always sits down with his legs tucked under him when it comes time for his toenails to be cut. He looks like a polar bear when it is time to be sheared.

Oscar is our cat. He is very much an outdoors cat & loves climbing trees & hiding in bushes. He is very friendly & likes meeting people but he is not a lap cat & doesn’t like to be picked up. He loves teasing the alpacas & getting them to chase him. They know not to get too near if he is sitting up high on the fence though. He is the boss !!